What Women Want

By Patti Mendoza

A recent poll published in the March Issue of ShopSmart, a sister publication of Consumer Reports, asked women what they considered to be the most life-changing new products of the last decade. Inevitably, the list is dominated by gadgets and technology.

Why is that? Maybe it's because women see technology as a problem solver: How can I take advantage of this new gadget to make my life easier? How can I use it to make my job more enjoyable? How will it help me save time?

Whatever the reason, the way women view technology has undergone a complete transformation and has helped revolutionize the industry. Tech companies no longer see women as reluctant followers but now regard them as early adopters, leading the charge for the next cool gadget, social networking tool or time-saving device.

A few comments on the list:

The appearance of Google at #2 demonstrates just how much we have come to rely on the Internet and search in particular. A day doesn't go by without multiple trips to the computer to get the best info on anything and everything recipes; movies; how to remove a stain; how to make a great cappuccino. Like the new AT&T ad suggests, access to the Internet is making us all smarter!

It's probably good news to see texting come in at #6, although English teachers may disagree. Parents and moms in particular have been quick to catch on to the essential communication tools of today's youth. Whereas a phone call can often go unanswered, we're finding that text messages are simply impossible to ignore!

However, the Top 10 list might not be all good news. Although most items help us save time and become more productive, the inclusion of flat-panel TVs and on-demand movies will have some child care specialists shaking their heads. A survey published earlier this year found that kids' media time was at an all-time high and much of the responsibility lies with parents, who appear to be poor role models when it comes to turning off screens.

All this leaves me wondering what will be on the list in another 10 years time. What are the inventions that lie ahead that will continue to make our lives easier and more enjoyable? Don't be surprised to see technology dominate once again. It's clearly what women want!

What's on your list of the most life-changing products of the last decade? Share your thoughts with The Online Mom!

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