Verizon Wireless announces trade-in program

Verizon Wireless today announced a cell phone Trade-In Program, which allows customers from any wireless carrier to get value for phones that are no-longer used.

To participate in the Trade-In Program, you will need to submit an online appraisal. Along with the phone’s make and model, the appraisal asks: Can the device make outbound calls with a calling plan? Does the display work? Is the display cracked?

Once the appraisal is submitted, you will be given an appraised value and can choose between shipping the device to receive a gift card or donating it to the Verizon Wireless’ long-running HopeLine program, which benefits victim of domestic violence. If you choose to ship the device, you will be sent a self-addressed pre-paid envelope.

Once Verizon receives the device – and verifies that the phone matches the appraisal – you will receive the gift card in approximately two weeks. The gift card can be used at any Verizon Wireless store or for online purchases at It can also be used to pay Verizon Wireless bills.

Although some appraised values appeared to be very low – a good-condition Motorola Droid was appraised at just $18.20, for example – it’s an easy way to get rid of all those old phones sitting in kitchen drawers. Even if the appraised value is zero, you can still recycle a phone at no cost other than a walk to the mailbox. Now there really is no excuse!

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