The Wild Wild Web

Innovative Seattle-based production company, Twisted Scholar, has just released a new educational video on cyber bullying.

Titled The Wild Wild Web – A Student’s Guide to Preventing Cyber Bullying, the 26-minute DVD takes an entertaining but candid look at this growing problem. It speaks to kids, rather than at them, and helps them understand what cyber bullying is, how it happens, and how they can deal with it in a safe and skilful way.

Twisted Scholar is hoping that The Wild Wild Web will provide a critical tool for educators, counselors and parents to begin engaging young people on the subject of online intimidation and bullying. The video advocates a common sense code of conduct for the web and suggests ways in which students – whether bully, victim, or bystander – can stop the cycle of harassment.

The Wild Wild Web is a fabulous, fast-paced film that is perfectly targeted at the upper elementary/middle school audience,” writes Betsy Ballard, an Olweus trained anti-bullying counselor. “Relevant, funny, interactive, and informative, it hits the target squarely in the center and keeps this hard-to-corral audience captivated and learning.”

The Wild Wild Web costs $69.95 and comes with a comprehensive teacher/discussion guide developed by Emmy-award winning educational writer Lynn Brunelle. Preview samples are available at the Twisted Scholar web site.

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