No body scans, no problem!

On Sunday I flew with my husband and 11-year-old daughter from New York to Los Angeles. We are celebrating Thanksgiving with my wonderful cousin and her family.

After witnessing the public outcry over the new full-body scanners that have been installed at airports around the country – and the enhanced pat-downs that have accompanied them – we were somewhat relieved to see that our Jet Blue terminal at JFK was still using the old metal detectors. Still, we were careful to make sure there was nothing left in any pocket that could set off an alarm as we walked through.

A lot of people are obviously concerned about the pat-downs, particularly when it comes to children. With that in mind, the Los Angeles Times published some useful advice last Friday, suggesting ways in which families could prepare for what might happen. The article includes links to the TSA’s web site, which explains in words, pictures and video what a full-body scan entails.

There is also a Pat-Down Myths and Facts blog post from one of the TSA’s public affairs analysts, although you only have to read a few of the hundreds of comments on the post to be reminded of the intense public debate over these controversial new procedures.

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