How to remove tags from Facebook photos

It used to be that a night spent partying was quickly forgotten, lasting only as long as it took to shake off the hangover. Unfortunately, those days have long gone. Thanks to smartphones and cell phones, our every move is now caught on camera. Whether it’s a best friend’s birthday bash or a day at the beach, there is inevitably someone there to record the event.

And unfortunately, a good picture doesn’t stay in the camera for very long. These days, if it’s worth taking, then it’s worth sharing. And when it comes to sharing photos, that means Facebook.

Over 80 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. While most are innocent enough, it’s not unusual to see something we don’t like. And with the common practice of ‘tagging’ – adding an individual’s name to the picture, so it appears when you scroll over the image – it’s becoming harder to just wave an embarrassing photo off and forget about it.

The good news is that Facebook has made it very easy to remove tags from a photo. All you have to do is click on the photo to enlarge it and then click Remove Tag, which appears under the photo next to your name. Remember that only the owner of a photo or a person tagged in the photo can remove a tag.

Removing your tag will remove the photo from your profile but it will not remove the photo from the owner’s Facebook page. Anyone who is a Facebook Friend of the owner will still be able to see it (but now without the tag). If you want to remove the photo entirely, you will have to ask the owner to remove it from his or her page. Even if they agree to take it down, you have no control over who may have copied the photo and shared it with others before it was removed.

The other good news is that you will know immediately from your News Feed when you have been tagged in a photo. The bad news is that all your Friends will know too. However, you do have control over this second part. Go to Account in the top right corner of your home page and choose Privacy Settings from the dropdown menu. Select Sharing on Facebook. The default setting for most sharing options will be Friends Only but you can click on Customize settings to make some changes.

Scroll down to Things others share. The first item on that list is Photos and videos I’m tagged in. Click on the dropdown box next to it and choose Customize. Another box will open up and you will have the option of completely customizing who sees photos of you tagged by other people. You can choose anything from Friends of Friends to Only Me. Or you can grant access to or block specific people.

Again, this only affects what’s visible on your own page and doesn’t remove the photo or block people from seeing it elsewhere on Facebook. But if you are concerned about your own friends or family seeing something they shouldn’t, then these measures can offer a limited amount of damage control.

Always ask permission before you post a picture of someone else on Facebook or tag a photo. Treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

Comment by jell, posted 11/26/2012, 12:26 AM:

Some one as managed to tagged a photo of myself when I already put restriction on them. This I do not understand how they manage to do this. I am very upset and need to get this picture deleted from there face book photo profile. Please I need help on this
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