Moms and “smartphone addiction”

According to the “21st Century Mobile Mom Report” released by pregnancy and parenting web site Baby Center, smartphone ownership among moms has increased by 64 percent over the last two years. How much do moms love their smartphones? So much that 51 percent admit to being “addicted,” constantly checking their phones during the day and even sleeping with them next to their beds.

And you can forget about the stereotype of mom being helpless when it comes to handling electronics. Over two-thirds of moms (68 percent) know how to use most of the features on their smartphones, and three-quarters (75 percent) troubleshoot their phones without any assistance. Smartphones are helping moms become the ultimate multi-taskers, allowing them to manage a lot more than just the family schedule.

More than half the women surveyed said they purchased a smartphone as a direct result of becoming a mom. Not surprisingly, the camera and video camera are at the top of the list of favorite features. However, apps are also increasingly popular. More than half the moms surveyed (52 percent) have downloaded ten or more apps, with nearly 25 percent of those specifically to entertain their kids.

Smartphones are also used by moms to track health and wellness activities, research products while shopping, and, of course, keep tabs on social networks. Moms are 40 percent more likely to use mobile social networking tools than the average smartphone owner.

Mom’s media consumption has evolved along with her smartphone adoption. On average, she spends 37 percent of her daily media time with her smartphone, which is double that spent on TV, and more time than with any other media, including radio, magazines, and newspapers.

With her schedule maxed out, mom is turning to e-mail and text messaging to simplify her life. The inbox has become the new portal, with 78 percent of moms saying they use e-mail on their smartphone to filter incoming communications. Moms are also 3x more likely than the average adult to text their friends rather than call them.

“The smartphone screen is more intimate than any other medium out there today,” said Tina Sharkey, Chairman and Global President of Baby Center. “The majority of moms check their phone first thing in the morning and last thing before they go to sleep. Mobile isn’t just a media channel, it’s a constant companion that makes juggling easier. It makes her feel like a better mom.”

Does your smartphone make you a better mom? Do you suffer from smartphone addiction? Share your thoughts with The Online Mom!

Comment by Online Moms, posted 9/2/2011, 4:05 AM:

Neat piece it is amazing how technology is? shaping our lives. Moms need them too.
Comment by Online Moms, posted 8/22/2011, 12:43 AM:

I agree with this article. It used to be that you felt "naked" without your watch. Now it's the phone. We can do everything from pay our coffee tab, electric bill, and turn off our lights with our smart phones. It is almost insane to leave your house without it.
Comment by Nichole Patrick, posted 4/15/2011, 8:18 AM:

Oh yeah! Love my smart phone!
Comment by AppHipMom, posted 4/14/2011, 10:23 AM:

Yes I'm one of the addicted ones. My smartphone helps keep me organized with everyone's activities & appointments. I use my camera a lot. Sometimes one of my sons classmates will call asking about the homework. I just take a picture of the pages & email it to them. My smartphone has become an indispensable tool for me but it's the apps that make the smartphones so much more powerful.
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