Holiday Shopping Guide *Kids 3-8*

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RRP: From $9.95

This fun new software for kids allows them to color right on the computer. Each coloring kit contains 10 images, 10 matching musical scores and 10 matching fun facts. more

RRP: $11.95 each

Have your child create his or her own virtual sea world with these Webkinz-like plush creatures.

LeapFrog Tag Reading System
RRP: $49.99

The tradition of the friendly voice walking your child through fun lessons in spelling and basic math is back with this next generation, web-connected Tag Reading System which again brings books to life!

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough® Digital Camera
RRP: $54.99

This latest version of the Kid-Tough® Digital Camera from Fisher-Price is tougher and better than previous models, primarily because it’s waterproof...

V.Smile Cyber Pocket
RRP: $69.99; “Smartridges” are $19.99 ea.

The V.Smile Cyber Pocket is a great video game learning system, featuring a flip top high resolution screen and an easy touch writing pad...

Didj™ Custom Learning Gaming System
RRP: $89.99

Introduced this year, the Didj Custom Learning Gaming System from LeapFrog is the first gaming handheld that allows you to customize both gaming and learning for your child...

Spike the Ultra Dinosaur
RRP: $139.99

A great toy from Fisher Price’s Imaginext range. Spike is a dinosaur that kids can bring to life with a touch of a button. He can walk, stand on his hind legs, blink, move his neck, and open and close his mouth...

Discovery Interactive Smart Globe
RRP: $149.95

A fun new geographic learning experience from the folks at Discovery Channel. An interactive audio stylus allows you to select from anywhere in the world and learn amazing facts about countries, capitals, populations, languages, currencies, history, current events, and many more categories...


FurReal Friends - Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup
RRP: $179.99

Your child wants a dog but you’re not ready for the real thing? Here’s the perfect substitute. (Obama girls take note!) The Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup from Hasbro responds to six different voice commands and to touch

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