Facebook introduces Timeline

In another ambitious makeover of its hugely popular social network, Facebook yesterday introduced Timeline, a redesigned profile page which CEO Mark Zuckerberg described as a way to present “the story of your life.”

When Facebook friends and others look at your Timeline, they will be able to see summaries of the most important events in your personal history, instead of having to scroll through pages of comparatively mundane status updates.

But your Timeline isn’t just limited to content you have previously posted on Facebook. Instead, you can go in and actually add additional events and images, effectively filling in your Timeline to present a more complete history.

You can also augment your Timeline by using an array of apps, which can track everything from the movies you watch, to the books you read, to the workouts you take. You can also highlight specific events or posts as “Stories,” adding even more color to your Timeline.

The introduction of Timeline gets around one of the major problems with Facebook: your most important posts disappear along with all the other trivia. Friends and family have to continually click “older posts” at the foot of the page to retrieve them.

As Facebook says in a blog post, “Say you’re catching up with an old friend – would you rather find out that they had eggs this morning, or hear about their new dream job?”

With Timeline, you can turn your Facebook page into your own personal web site, presenting not just your current profile but a digital scrapbook of your entire life. At any time, you can just click on an item in your “private activity log” to feature it in the more prominent Timeline.

Facebook will be rolling out Timeline over the next several weeks. If you want to be one of the early adopters, you can visit the Timeline page on Facebook, log in to your Facebook account, and click on the Sign Me Up button at the bottom of the screen.

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