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Xbox 360
RRP: From $199.99

A couple of years have passed since the introduction of the new gaming consoles, which brought us wireless controllers, more games than ever before and better picture quality.  First there was the Xbox 360, then Nintendo’s Wii and finally Sony’s upgraded gaming and entertainment system, the PlayStation 3.

While the Wii is a fun console for the whole family to enjoy and particularly appeals to younger kids, serious gamers will generally opt for one of the other systems. This year’s best news is that the Xbox 360 comes with a reduced price tag and because of that – and its versatility, superior HD graphics and unbeatable online resources, we make the Xbox 360 The Online Mom choice for this holiday season.

Although the Xbox 360 will meet the high standards of your in-house gamers, it is also an excellent choice for the entire family as increasing entertainment standards require a single high definition, on-demand hub for the home. With the Xbox 360 you can play your own content – home movies, music playlists and pictures – and also have a direct link to Netflix, so you can browse through 12,000 movies and instantly download for immediate viewing.  (Xbox Gold or Netflix membership is required for this feature.)
The latest Xbox 360 update also offers easy navigation for all levels of use, as well as the option to install games directly on the hard drive, so no more switching and losing disks!

If you have to choose one entertainment console that satisfies everyone from the hard-core gamer to the casual movie-watcher, go for the Xbox 360.  (Make sure you activate the built-in Family Settings to regulate both games and Xbox Live interaction!)

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