Kids Identity Protection

When I first heard about KidSure I thought it was another spying service that allows anxious parents to read every conversation their kids are having online.  So I brushed it aside.

But when the team at Identity Guard offered a demo so I could better understand what this service is about I realized this is no spying software – this is a very necessary resource in this day and age.

And I signed up my young 12 YO which made me feel like I had added another layer of protection over her identity. One that is easy to do and doesn’t involve the ongoing parenting conversation we have about the importance of her decisions and actions online.

So KidSure is a monitoring service of your child’s social security no. and it tracks any unauthorized use with important alerts letting you know before they can become a problem.  Why is this important?  Consider that from the doctor's office to school, camp, sports teams, dance class and more, your child's private information exists in many places. And although those places may seem trustworthy, they may actually be leaving your kids vulnerable to identity theft.

So for starters I have signed us up so I can start monitoring my child’s personal information to see if they’re exposed and if so, to what degree. In addition:

  • I have explained to her what identity theft is and some of the consequences that she can understand at her age
  • I continually remind her that she should not post any of her personal details online
  • I am taking note of the mail notices that arrive in her name (hospital lab tests etc)
  • I am keeping her Social Security number in a safe place and NOT in my wallet or purse
  • I will only provide her SSN when absolutely necessary

Do you have any other tips to help protect your child’s credit and identity?

The Online Mom receives a fee for promotional work for Identity Guard – my opinions are my own.

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