App of the Week – Instagram

By Sarah Combs:

We've always wondered if people from the future will look back and wonder what happened to the quality of photographs around the early 2000s. Was there a short period when something happened to the sun, which caused all pictures to have an odd tint to them? Why is everything sepia-toned?

In all seriousness though, Instagram offers fantastic photo filters (not just sepia tone) that make pictures look way cooler than they did when we had to depend on high tech cameras instead of our much more convenient smartphones.

Beyond providing filters for pictures, the app also gives users an easy way to share their masterpieces with friends, family, or even the whole world. Since Instagram was just purchased by Facebook – for a cool $1 billion no less – we can imagine that sharing is going to become a whole lot easier!

And the app was just made available on Google Play for Android users, so now is definitely the best time to download Instagram if you haven’t done so already. There will be more ways to share pictures with a network of your friends and family that’s bigger than ever before.

If you get tired of just seeing pictures from people you know, or just want to browse what else is out there, you can subscribe to any of the super neat streams that other people have made public. This gets really interesting; there are photos from professional artists, photographers, and just cool people who choose to share bits of their lives through photos.

Here’s to many more years of interestingly tinted pictures, and lives that match the gorgeousness of the photos we take.

Instagram is recommended for Teens and Parents (13 and up) for Internet access and adult utility functionality. Find screenshots, reviews, and family-friendly ratings for Instagram and more of the best Android apps at

Developer: Burbn, Inc.
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 3.1 or later) and Android 2.2 and up
App Category: Photo and Video

Price: Free

Famigo Family Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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