Web Site of the Week: December 22, 2008


Have you have ever heard a song in a commercial and wanted to know what it was; seen a pair of sunglasses on an actor and wondered where you could get them; or simply wondered what products your favorite celebrities are using? Well, now there is a web site dedicated to helping you answer those pressing questions.

is not another celebrity gossip site. If you want to know the latest news on the Madonna – Guy Ritchie divorce, what Britney or Lindsay are up to, or who Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend du jour is, you will have to go somewhere else.

But if you care about what brand of stroller a celebrity dad pushes their child around in (Orbit Baby), what sort of overpriced, oversized purse your favorite starlet carries on her arm (Chanel), what movie you should go see (teenaged Vampire love story 'Twilight,' aka Vampire Potter), or what sort of car is the coolest one to drive right now (Range Rover), then Coolspotters is the web site for you!

Let’s face it, today’s trends start with the world’s true trend-setters – celebrities, athletes, and other public figures. And, often, by the time what’s cool trickles down to the rest of us…it’s not cool anymore. It’s yesterday. It’s over and done.

Coolspotters shows connections between celebrities and the things they are wearing, carrying, using or doing. On the site these connections are called “spots” (as in, “I spotted that”). The site then provides information, like where you can find it or buy it. If something is incorrect, users can change or remove the information – just like they do on other “volunteer" sites like Wikipedia.

There are other services such as Like.com and SeenOn that try to help people find products that celebrities use, but Coolspotters is the first collaborative site that gets users to do most of the work.

You don't have to join Coolspotters to use it, which in itself is kind of cool. Casual users can just browse by exploring the site’s categories, clicking on other users' profiles, or simply search the site for their favorite celebrity, band, product, brand, movie, etc.

But if you do decide to become a member, you’ll have a variety of social tools at your disposal to show off your vast celebrity expertise with an entire community of like-minded fans!

As you’d expect, creating a profile where you can post pictures, share the stuff you care about, track your friends’ activities, and publish lists of your favorite stuff is where it starts. Coolspotters also allows members to ask each other questions, rate things, and share comments.

As a member, you can also create your own Spots whenever you see a celebrity and a product together. Perez Hilton using an iPhone on a Entertainment Tonight for example. Of course, whenever you associate a celebrity with a new product, movie a brand, you’re establishing your celebrity bona fides with the rest of the community!

Will Coolspotters flourish? Well, the site did win the Fashion category in the recent Open Web Awards, but it’s admittedly a tough time for any business focused on conspicuous consumption. On the other hand, for the millions of Americans who simply have a curiosity for all things celebrity, Coolspotters definitely delivers the goods.

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