App of the Week – Awesome Eats

By Sarah Combs

There are few things more endearing than smiling, animated fruits and veggies that seem genuinely happy to be properly sorted into baskets.

This may sound a bit odd. I mean puppies, kittens, bunnies – really any baby animal – may come to mind first when considering the different adorable things that pull at our heartstrings. And yes, any and all of those little fluffy, big-eyed creatures can cause even the most world-weary of us to say: “Awww....” (if only on the inside).

But take a chance and give some less fluffy – but still just as endearing – healthy foods a chance to win you over. They’re more than willing to work for your affection!

Where can you find such devotion-inducing fruits and vegetables? In Awesome Eats, a truly addictive iPad app that is just too cute for words. (Although I will attempt to describe how adorable it is in far too many words!)

The app presents you with the challenge of sorting everything from strawberries and carrots to radishes and green peppers into their proper bins. These healthy foods are dropped down onto a series of parallel conveyor belts that speedily move the delicious treats towards one end or the other, and you have to quickly swipe them across the belts with your finger in order to get them moving towards the correct basket.

That’s the game at its most basic, but it’s the small touches that have caused Awesome Eats to become this week’s top app. The difficulty level increases nicely: it doesn’t go from super easy to super hard too fast, and there’s a good distribution of challenges that makes this app enjoyable for any age group, from toddlers to parents. Also, there are little nutritional information tidbits, which despite the less-than-interesting title of “nutritional information” that I have given it, are actually pretty interesting.

And, once again, the smiling faces of these little dudes really make this game. You want to save them from the onslaught of hungry birds that attempt to pluck them from the conveyer belts. And it’ll make you happy to help sort them into the proper basket with all of their fruit and veggie friends.

Awesome Eats is recommended for everyone, from Toddlers to Parents (Ages 1 to 100), for truly addictive fresh food fun and interesting nutrition facts. Find screenshots, reviews, and family-friendly ratings for Awesome Eats and more of the best iPad apps at

Developer: Whole Kids Foundation

Compatibility: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd and 4th generations), and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

App Category: Education

Price: Free!

Famigo Family Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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