Math apps for young kids

Using technology to help kids learn the fundamentals of math is easier than ever, thanks to the powerful device that many modern parents carry in their pocket every day. Apple’s wildly popular iPhone and the dazzling array of applications available in the App Store provide parents and caregivers a variety of options for helping their little ones master the early concepts of counting, addition and subtraction, and other basic mathematic equations.

These 10 are among the best math apps for small children, and are all available in the App Store:

MathGirl Number Garden

Designed specifically with budding female mathematicians in mind, MathGirl Number Garden caters to children ages four and up. With graphics that are sure to capture the heart of girly-girls and sound mathematic principles that will carry kids well into more complicated concepts, this highly-rated app is sure to be a hit with parents and kids alike.

Cost: $0.99

Math A+

Part math lesson and part kiddie sci-fi game, Math A+ keeps kids engaged with the subject matter while they learn basic math skills. There are three difficulty levels to accommodate increasing skills, along with simple counting practice for younger players.

Cost: $0.99

Toddler Counting

Every journey begins with a single step, and the first step to mathematic excellence is simply learning to count. Aimed specifically at toddlers and designed by a team of preschool teachers and parents, Toddler Counting is a powerful and engaging app that’s sure to keep your child entertained and help him gain valuable early math skills.

Cost: $0.99

Coin Math

Teaching kids to manage money, make change, and understand the concepts of spending along with other basic math skills is the aim of Coin Math, an app that offers educational entertainment for kids at a variety of skill levels. Starting with recognition of coins and an understanding of their value, even very young children can use Coin Math to jump-start their academic success.

Cost: $1.99

Park Math

Winner of the 2011 Parents’ Choice Silver Award, iLounge’s 2010 Best Kids’ iPhone/iPod App of the Year, and the Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design, Park Math is an app that helps kids learn to count, add, subtract and sort, all while keeping kids thoroughly engaged. Early math concepts are taught with colorful graphics and kid-favorite songs, including two separate skill levels.

Cost: $1.99

First Math Abacus

Preschool & First Grade Practice – Just like the abacus of your own childhood, this app allows you to carry a digital facsimile of the interactive counting devices used for centuries in your pocket. Recommended for kids between three and six, First Math Abacus offers four learning options and adorable graphics to keep kids’ attention.

Cost: $0.99

Cute Math

Count, add and subtract all things adorable with the Cute Math app that offers up baby penguins, chipper birds and other uber-cute animals and objects. Featured as a New and Noteworthy iTunes download and ranking high on the “Top Paid Apps” list in the Education category, kids and parents alike will marvel at the cuteness of the app while working on basic math skills.

Cost: $1.99

Math Magic

Using a digital version of the same star stickers rewarded to students of previous generations, as well as bright colors and an easy-to-navigate interface, Math Magic aims to make math fun and exciting for kids. Parents can customize the skill and difficulty level, allowing the app to grow with your child and her budding skills.

Cost: $0.99

Pop Math Lite

Combining the inexplicable joy of popping bubbles with basic math concepts, Pop Math Lite is a the free version of a paid app that offers an extended variety of options. Beautiful background images make this app an aesthetically-pleasing and addicting app, so it’s a surefire hit with kids.

Cost: free

Math Drills Lite

Turning basic math concepts into an interactive experience, Math Drills Lite is the free version of a very powerful app. Addition and subtraction are covered, along with more advanced concepts like multiplication and division. Number lines, objects and fingers are all interactive counting aides, helping kids master math concepts on the go.

Cost: free

The most powerful teaching apps in the world can’t compete with a loving, attentive parent or caregiver. While these apps are great for educational, on-the-go diversions, they’re also great tools for parents and children to use together. Exploring basic math skills will give your child a head start on academic success, and provide you with quality time to spend together in the process!

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