My FiOS Moment

This past Holiday season was a particularly busy time in my normally quiet household. With extra family members visiting, my daughter and her friends off school for several days, and both myself and my husband working from home, there were extra mouths to feed and a lot more people to keep entertained.

While plenty of left-overs and the local take-out took care of mealtimes, keeping everyone entertained was a different matter. Luckily everyone came armed with smartphones, tablets and laptops. Seriously, what did we all do before the Internet?

At one point during the Holidays, I walked into what I thought was an empty living room and found five people quietly engrossed in their screens and keyboards. There were e-mails being checked, Facebook pages being updated, movies being streamed, online games being played, and even a little work being done. All this without any complaints about unavailable networks, slow load times, or not enough bandwidth.

And that’s when I had my FiOS moment.

It’s easy to recall the bad old days when not a week would go by without making a call to my service provider to fix yet another problem with the Internet connection or the wireless network. Outages were a regular occurrence and slow data transfer speeds a way of life. But since we installed FiOS last summer, speed and reliability have been taken for granted.

And with the FiOS Triple Play option, the entertainment choices are not just restricted to the Internet. FiOS TV offers hundreds of channels, including over 140 in HD. There are thousands of on-demand movies to choose from and enough music channels to suit anyone’s taste. And if that living room gets too crowded, you can watch your favorite TV shows anywhere in the house with the FiOS Mobile app for iPad.

All this month, FiOS wants to hear about your FiOS moment – the time when you “got” the difference between having the super-fast fiber-optic network and making do with anything else. Log on to the FiOS Facebook page to tell your story. You could win one of 10 tablets or free FiOS service for a year. You might even be featured in a FiOS commercial!

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