My Blackberry Z10 – Welcome Home Old Friend!

By Monica Vila

Last month, Blackberry announced the launch of its highly-anticipated Z10 smartphone. So much is riding on this launch that all of the company’s resources were evidently deployed to help the media and consumers understand the enhancements to the operating system. And there is a lot to like!

Right off the bat, we see enhancements to productivity, a noticeable reduction of unnecessary distractions, creative tools to help you stitch memories together, and a beautiful clean design so you can enjoy using your new device equally for work and play.

Yet what is most striking about the new Blackberry is that the features are designed around our way of life and not aimed at teaching us new ways of doing things like typing and reading. This is unlike both Apple and Android devices, which are constantly changing our basic functions for the sake of their new and competing technologies in the name of “innovation.”

For me, true innovation comes from helping me perform my most common tasks more efficiently and not from teaching me new ways to use technology. (I have never been able to make Siri work for anything useful and would never call on that app when I’m rushed for time.)

It’s the keyboard…

We write emails, text, tweet, post on Facebook, and comment on walls using a keyboard. In fact, by my estimation, the keyboard accounts for 80 percent of our interaction with our smart devices. Blackberry understands that productivity is directly tied to the quality of the keyboard experience and the new Z10 is like a return home. Right out of the box I made fewer mistakes with the Z10 than I still do on the iPhone after 4 consecutive years of daily use.

The Z10’s keyboard has more space between keys, and it learns how you type and makes adjustments to the location of the most commonly used keys. So if you often type “a” instead of “s”, the Z10 will adjust the location of the two keys to insure you don’t make that same mistake so often.

Do you love this yet? Just wait, there’s more

The keyboard on the Z10 will also give you predictive words right on the letter you’re about to touch. The new “flick” motion then allows you to literally flick the desired word right into the sentence you’re typing. And wait for it…the keyboard and its predictive word technology will also allow you to type in Spanish (and French) without having to go into settings. How great is this, hermanos? I don’t know a single Latino that at some point in the day, doesn’t want to simultaneously type in both English and Spanish, whether its email, a text, a tweet or a Facebook post.

There are many more cool features on the Blackberry Z10, such as a super-fast browser, the ability to easily separate work from personal life, a consolidated hub where you can quickly check ALL updates, whether they are on your social media networks, new messages, missed calls, new texts or notifications, without having to switch from app to app. Again, this is designed around the way we live. What a concept — and one Mr. Jobs would strenuously disagree with!

What do you think? Will you give the Blackberry Z10 a try?

Disclosure: Monica Vila received a  Z10 from Blackberry for the review. All opinions expressed within this post are her own.

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