Top bloggers share tips for avoiding blogging burnout

By Stacey Ross

Kurt Cobain once shared, “It's better to burn out than fade away.” Well, all things considered, I propose that avoiding burnout has greater merit. Ask a blogger!

Blogging can appear as seamless and effortless as simply posting a few times a week. The reality, however, is that it is a labor of love, an arduous commitment that tends to require a lot more nurturing that meets the eye – in order to remain robust and thrive, that is!

I hit up some blogging colleagues, who live throughout the country, and asked them to give some pearls of wisdom regarding something I have been eager to improve at myself, and that is how to avoid blogging burn-out.

Set your priorities straight

“Blogging is truly the next thing and can happen right now if you really sit down and bust your butt to get where you need to be …Where does a person need to be? That’s up to them!” ~ Eric Heavilin

  • “Take on only projects about which you have strong feelings or are right for you or your audience, or you'll take on too many projects that don't have meaning to you and it will show in your writing.”  ~ Dusty Bastian  
  • “Is the project the right fit for your blog? Sometimes, with writing in general, I just need a few hours at the park with my kids to clear my head and come back later to a fresh start and the energy to dive right in!” ~ Jeanine Marie  

Stay balanced

“Blogging is hard because of the grind required to stay interesting and relevant.”  ~ Sufia Tippu

  • “What's important is finding the right group of friends (bloggers or not) who motivate you, understand you, and inspire you.”  ~  Maggie Unzueta
  • “To avoid burnout, I have set specific hours every week where I focus on the blog and social media and then I take a break to focus on family. Also, I plan an editorial calendar with an average of two blogs a week. Most important of all, I have evolved my writing to emphasize my passions so words flow more easily.”  ~ Suzanna Keith

  • “I'm still a new blogger, but it is hard not to feel pushed up against the wall. Making sure to enjoy your real life right now is important. I'm still trying to work out a system to streamline my blogging process. I do think that having outside interests, a blogging tribe, exercise and the thirst for knowledge all help keep us interested and interesting as human beings and bloggers.” ~ Melissa Burton  

Step away from it for a bit!

  • “What I have tried to do, is keep a solid block of time (I usually can't manage a day, but a couple of hours for sure), and just walk away from ALL electronics. I go out and walk the dog; go for a drive; go visit a friend and leave my phone in the car – anything to keep me from logging in!” ~ Ann Odle   
  • "I think as bloggers we often think we cannot take time off, but that is far from the truth. Give yourself blogging vacations from time to time so you don't become overwhelmed, or work ahead. It is okay to take time for your family, life and everything else." ~ Jaime Gall   

Maintaining blogs can take a toll on the psyche, sometimes! Putting things into perspective and taking a step back to take a breather offers us time for reflection and an opportunity to enjoy being unplugged for a bit.

I think it is great for bloggers to a break every now and then and reach into their bags of tricks to simplify their work. Some of the ways I have done so are to have guest bloggers fill in; clean up and reformat old posts; share a top five list of other bloggers I appreciate (relevant to a current topic or event); and lastly, just post less. In the scheme of things, a vacation from blogging is not going to pull you out of the game, but help you return rejuvenated and maybe even inspired.

In the words of a parent blogger…

“Every day as a parent you experience things with your kids that you might take for granted. As you blog, always remember this is your opportunity to build a lasting legacy where your words live on. Avoid burnout by embracing and documenting these current experiences in order to build long lasting memories for your kids.” ~ Jeff Stephens

Live long and blog!

Stacey Ross is an online consultant, social media enthusiast, freelancer and owner of A former teacher and middle school counselor, she is now a mom of two who researches and freelances about lifestyle topics involving family and well-being.

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