Waking Up With the BlackBerry Z10

By Oliver Bryce

I woke up this morning with three questions: What time is it? What is the weather? Did my team win last night? I should know the answer to the first question from the beautiful music coming from my BlackBerry Z10 sitting next to my bed. In just one week of owning this life-saver, I learned all about it. Actually, the opposite. It learned all about me!

The alarm on my BlackBerry was set for 5:30 am today, because Fridays typically have the worst traffic to work and I need to wake up extra early. It knows that I want the weather in my area based on my custom settings. With one swipe up Iím taken to the home screen, which has been customized to my lifestyle. I see the weather for today, tomorrow and weekend. Looks like a 30 per cent chance of rain. Should I bring my umbrella? I click a live cam showing traffic on the highway leading to my office. I see people with umbrellas. Looks like the rain is already here.

I check the map and zoom in to the location and see some alternative routes. One of the streets has a bunch of coffee shops, which is good because I typically get breakfast on the way to work. I click on a few of the shops to bring up the menus. Many look the same, so with one more click Iím on TripAdvisor getting reviews. Looks like I found my coffee shop for this morning. The BlackBerry showed me that one of my Facebook friends checked in there already today, so Iím sure itís a good place.

The left side of my home screen shows 12 new Facebook posts, so with one swipe to the right all my notifications come up together: e-mail, BBM, texts, Facebook, Twitter, all in one convenient location! I am loving the ease of information flow with just one swipe to the right.

Twitter had a link to healthy breakfasts. Maybe I can read it quickly to get some ideas for ordering at the coffee shop. But I only get through the first few paragraphs. Itís a long article, so I save it to my main screen for later use. It sits next to the article I saved last night on Boston, where I will be in a few days on business.

I quickly check my three texts. One is from my assistant alerting me that my car service suggests I get picked up earlier for my Boston trip. Iím too tired to type back to her, so I click on the voice prompt (microphone icon) and say ďThatís fine with me.Ē And sure enough ďThatís fine with meĒ pops up on the text. It learned my voice very well.

I lost track of time because my kids are up already for school. They come running in the room with the most adorable outfits. With their energy I have just a few seconds to take a picture. With the Z10, the camera always sits on the home screen on the lower right. With one click I capture their beautiful smiles. I shared it instantly with my parents via text and make the shot my background on the home screen.

As you can tell, my life is busy, and Iím not even out of bed yet! The advantage of the BlackBerry Z10 is that I can accomplish everything with swipes and voice commands. Amazingly, I donít even need the keyboard, although it is great how many of the suggested words pop up while you type. You can swipe up the suggested word to use before you finish typing it. Swipe left for the apps. Swipe right for the notifications (email, texts, etc.). Swipe up to return to the home screen. Use vocal commands for Google search and sending messages.

All this efficiency has me not wanting to part with my BlackBerry friend, so I check my calendar which also sits on the home screen. Looks like my first meeting has been moved from 9 am to noon. Well how about that! Itís time for Sportscenter, as I click on my favorite apps capturing the latest news on my teams. It turns out that one of them is playing in Boston the night I am there! I quickly click on a link that takes me to Ticketmaster and, with a few more swipes, Iím sitting in row seven behind third base! I forward the confirmation e-mail to my client who promptly accepts my invitation.

Thank you BlackBerry for a great start to my work day. And I am still in bed!

Oliver Bryce works in the banking industry in New York City and lives in Westchester, NY with his wife and twin 13-year-old daughters.

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