Verizon Introduces More Everything

Less than two years after Verizon transformed the smartphone world by introducing Share Everything, the leading wireless provider has unveiled a number of changes to its flagship product, making it more affordable and increasing data allowances and other benefits.

Dubbed the More Everything plan, the new structure takes aim at the more popular Share Everything tiers, potential lowering monthly wireless costs for millions of existing and future customers.

Under Share Everything, a smartphone user would typically pay a $40 line fee and then choose a plan that would cost anything from $40 to $100 a month based on how much data he or she expected to use. Those data ranges went from 500MB at the lower end up 10GB or more for so-called “power users.”

Under More Everything, the lower data tiers have been expanded and the prices lowered, so you can now start with 250MB of data for as little as $15. While new customers will still have to sign a two-year contract to take advantage of More Everything, existing customers are transitioned into the new plans immediately. In most cases, that means customers will enjoy a higher data allowance, but there is also the option of sticking with your existing allowance and taking the financial saving.

The fact that Verizon customers can enjoy a brand new smartphone for as little as $55 per month ($40 + $15) is significant and is a direct response to some of the price-cutting that has been going on elsewhere in the industry.

Verizon is also sweetening the pot for More Everything customers by increasing the free cloud storage allowance to 25GB and by including free unlimited international messaging. This comes on the back of other features, like free mobile hotspot use, which were introduced at the time Share Everything was unveiled.

Verizon has also cut costs under its Edge program, which allows customers to upgrade their devices more frequently. The monthly line access fee has been reduced from $40 to $30 for data plans ranging from 250MB to 8GB, and from $40 to $20 for 10GB plans and above. This comes on the heels a of a January change, which allows Edge customers to upgrade after just 30 days (as long as at least 50% of the purchase price of the existing smartphone has been paid off.) Again, existing Verizon customers will have these changes automatically applied to their accounts.

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