Best Apps for Following Team USA at Sochi 2014

By Tracey Dowdy

Despite the fact that our athletes are competing on the other side of the world, the Olympics have never been closer. TV coverage, live streaming, and constant social network updates combine to bring us all the latest action and news.

And if you can only stay in touch through your mobile device, then the sponsors and broadcasters have got you covered. Here are the best apps to help keep you and your kids inspired and cheering for Team USA:

2014 Team USA Road to Sochi

The official app of the 2014 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams connects you to the team and helps you follow the journey of individual athletes. The app includes photos, behind-the-scenes video, updates on performances and medal standings, and connects you to athletes’ individual social media feeds. “My Team USA” lets you customize a portal to follow specific athletes, and the “Cheer” function allows you to talk to your favorites in real time through Facebook and Twitter. You can even donate to Team USA or buy official team USA gear.

Platform: iOS, Android

NBC Sports Live Extra

Watch over 1000 hours of live and pre-recorded Olympic events on the free Live Extra app from NBC Sports. The app covers some of the less popular events like Nordic Combined, plus highlights from each day. The Live Extra streaming schedule allows you to keep track of events – even with the time zone difference – or catch a recap of the events with hosts like Scott Hamilton.

Platform: iOS, Android

Olympic Athletes Hub

The Olympic Athletes’ Hub app links you to your favorite athletes via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All accounts are verified and the app connects you directly to the athletes you choose, offering the option to follow all their social media posts from one place. Search by “Sport,” “Athlete,” “Team” or “Game” to customize your choices.

Platform: iOS, Android

Sochi 2014 Medal Alert

Download the Sochi 2014 Medal Alert app, choose the country or countries you’re rooting for, and wait for results. The app sends push notifications, alerting you each time a medal is awarded to your team.

Platform: iOS, Android

Visa 360 Cam

With the Visa 360 Cam, you get to see exactly what the athletes see when they hurl themselves down the slopes, are tossed into the air by their ice dancing partner, or chase the puck down the ice. Choose a camera angle recorded during a practice run and see what most of us will never see in real life.

Platform: iOS, Android

Tracey Dowdy is a freelance writer based just outside Toronto, Ontario. After years working for non-profits and charities, she now freelances and researches on subjects from family and education to pop culture and trends in technology.

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