7 Unique Music and Sound Apps for Your Smartphone or Tablet

By Robyn Wright

We all know that we can use our smartphones and tablets to play our favorite songs. Downloading MP3 files or even streaming live music from regular and Internet radio stations is now a very common practice. Use Bluetooth to connect your favorite set of ear buds or an external speaker and you can dance to the music anywhere you like! Even most cars now come with a way to connect your smartphone, so you play your music while you drive.

However, when it comes to sound, you can do much more on your smartphone or tablet than just create a playlist (the mix tape of our time). In fact, if you put your mind to it, you can really come up with some novel and practical uses.

Here are seven interesting ways to use the music and sound recognition features on your mobile devices:

Measure noise levels
There are various reasons why you might need to measure the noise level. If you just occasionally need a noise meter, why not use your device and an app like Sound Meter instead of buying a decibel meter? There are some limitations based on the design of your device but this app can prove useful in so many ways.

Freak people out with scary ringtones
For those of you with a darker sense of humor, you might enjoy using some creepy sounds as your ringtones and notifications. We have all heard some interesting sounds that make us look around nervously. Apps like Scary Ringtones will help you add to the fear factor!

Tune your guitar or other instruments
Is your teenager (or are you) learning to play the guitar or another instrument? A tuner is usually another item to buy but now there are tuner apps that you can use instead. gStrings Free is a good example. There are plenty of options and settings, and it helps you find just the right note.

Virtual concert lighter
Maybe you are more comfortable listening to music than creating your own. At concerts we used to burn our thumbs holding up our cigarette lighters. These days we can use a virtual lighter on our smartphones instead. The flame even flickers just like a real one. Zippo makes a very popular app for just this purpose.

Sing Karaoke
Are you and your friends up for a fun karaoke night? There are some great karaoke apps, so no need to wait in line for your turn to sing in a noisy bar. Just cue up your favorite song and pretend to be your favorite singer. Sing! Karaoke by Smule is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Mix your own music
For those of us who feel the need to dance to the beat of our own drums, you can now create and mix your own music with music studio and DJ apps. There are an abundance of these available, with something for every style and level of music. A good place to start is to check out Music Studio Lite.

Create your own sound effects
I have to admit this is one of my favorite ways to use my device. There are so many sound board apps available to create applause, laugh tracks, silly noises, and so much more. Just download your favorite app and press the button at just the right time for instant fun! Fun Sounds has 182 different sounds for any scenario.

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