7 Apps for a Greener Lifestyle

Next Tuesday is Earth Day, a time for everyone to reflect on the fragile nature of our planet and how we can better protect the environment and provide a healthier future for our children.

While major issues such as climate change and deforestation have to be addressed by corporations and governments, there are lots of areas where individuals and small communities can also make a difference. Whether it’s energy conservation, recycling, or more informed food choices, we can all take small steps that lead to a greener lifestyle.

And if we are talking about a lifestyle change, then our mobile devices can surely help! There are dozens of apps that can contribute to environmental awareness and put us on the right road to a greener planet. Here are just a few of our favorites:


GoodGuide provides “green” ratings for over 210,000 different products, including toys, make-up, hair products, household goods, and more. Each product is rated on its health, environmental and social impact, and the app also provides information on additional attributes, such as human rights, animal welfare, energy efficiency, and more.

Platform: iOS, Android
Cost: free


Earth911 is an organization that helps people all over the world learn more about recycling. The Earth911 iRecycle app provides information for recycling and collections points, as well as suggesting over a million different ways to recycle everything from food to electronics. It also brings you the latest environmental news and plenty of ideas for a greener lifestyle.

Platform: iOS, Android
Cost: free

Seafood Watch

Seafood Watch provides up-to-the-minute information on ocean-friendly seafood and the restaurants and stores that offer sustainable seafood choices. You can see how certain seafood choices are caught and prepared for the table and get alternatives to seafood choices that appears on the “avoid” list. Restaurant guides are accompanied by a GPS map feature and you can also add your own restaurant recommendations.

Platform: iOS, Android
Cost: free

HopeLine by Verizon

HopeLine allows you to protect the environment and help victims of domestic violence by donating your old cell phones for recycling or refurbishing. Since 2001, HopeLine has collected over 11 million phones nationwide and donated over $21 million in cash grants to a wide range of domestic violence organizations. At a time when there are increasing incidents of domestic violence, HopeLine remains one of the most dedicated and vital resources.

Platform: iOS, Android
Cost: free


Chorma may not save the world but it may save your sanity! Whether you have a partner, a roommate or a house full of kids, Chorma allows you to organize chores and synchronize across devices so everyone shares the burden of a cleaner, greener home. You can create custom rewards, adjust point scores, and coordinate who does what, even when no-one is home!

Platform: iOS
Cost: free to download; monthly subscription $1.99


BrightNest is another invaluable organizer app that provides information and tips to help turn your home into a cleaner, more efficient, and more pleasant place to live. Whether you want to unclog a showerhead, make your laundry smell fresher, or change the air filters, BrightNest can help. You can schedule tasks, add reminders, and even take the BrightNest quiz!

Platform: iOS
Cost: free

Unicef Tap Project

Earlier this year, the Unicef Tap Project asked users to literally put down their phones to help the 768 million people around the world that live without access to clean water. Although the original time challenge has lapsed, Unicef is still seeking donations for its Tap Project and reminds us that a donation of as little as $5 can provide a child with water for up to 200 days. Visit www.uniceftapproject.org on your phone and make a difference.

Platform: Web
Cost: as little or as much as you can give

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