The Reality of Mobile TV

I have always thought that the ultimate luxury in mobile entertainment would be lying in bed watching live TV on a smartphone or tablet. Donít get me wrong, Iím not averse to curling up on the couch either, but there is something particularly appealing about getting under the covers to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Until a short while ago, my dream of live bedtime TV was just that Ė a dream. But with the arrival of more sophisticated devices, faster networks, and more flexible content providers that dream has now become a reality!

Of course, if the broadcast networks and cable TV providers didnít make their content available, then there would be very little the carriers and app developers could do on their own. However, a few years ago the studios and programmers finally relented and agreed to release some of their content on a strictly pay-as-you-go basis through download services such as iTunes and Netflix. That was followed by Hulu, a joint venture of NBC, Fox, ABC and others, which offered free and subscription-based on-demand video streaming of TV shows for laptops and computers.

But the real breakthrough in on-demand TV has come with the emergence of HD mobile devices and super-fast 4G LTE networks. Hulu has now been joined by HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, WatchESPN and numerous other services offering on-the-go video streaming to existing cable or satellite TV subscribers.

Various sports leagues have also seen the potential of mobile streaming, with all the benefits that accrue to both fans and sponsors. While all the major sports franchises now have some kind of mobile offering, NFL Mobile from Verizon is perhaps the gold standard when it comes to on-demand live action and analysis.

So if you have a smartphone or tablet, the opportunities for on-the-go TV entertainment are almost endless. Just download the appropriate app for your mobile platform, sign in, pick your favorite TV show, and start watching.

Of course, you will need a network connection (and preferably Wi-Fi so you donít eat up too much of your monthly data allowance), but with a little research, anywhere-anytime TV is right at your fingertips. Bedtime will never be the same again!

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