Gadget of the Week - Lorex Remote Video Camera and Baby Monitor

Broadband continues to revolutionize our entertainment and communication experiences. However, one company, Lorex Technology, is using high speed connectivity for another important purpose. Lorex makes a line of video monitoring devices that are so simple to install and use that anyone take advantage of them. Anyone that can afford the fancy price tag that is, because they don’t come cheap!

At $300 plus shipping, the Lorex’s LNE3003 Remote Surveillance Camera is actually one of the most affordable network-ready cameras on the market. For that price, the LNE3003 will definitely deliver peace of mind. It allows you to monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world where you have access to a wireless Internet connection.

Your connection to the camera is password protected to keep out unwanted snoopers, and requires no networking know-how. Simply attach the camera to your router at home, run the installation CD, and you're done!

The camera streams video in real time to a computer-based browser, with frame rates depending on the speed of your Internet connection. The camera has some nice features as well, like a 10x digital zoom, high-resolution viewing, and two-way audio. That’s right, you can talk through the device to the people you are monitoring!

The camera works well in low-light environments and motion sensors can detect anything moving. The LNE3003 can be set up to send alerts via e-mail, even attaching a JPEG snapshot of what's happening. The included software allows you to view and record from up to six cameras, as well as play back pre-recorded footage. You can also access the cameras via any 3G-enabled device, such as Apple's iPhone or iPod Touch.

Lorex’s product line also includes a $270 handheld baby monitor, which they call a Portable Color LCD Digital Wireless Monitoring System. This little beauty broadcasts video and audio from a wireless camera to a portable video monitor. Here too, setup requires very little work (you may not even need to read the instruction manual), and takes only a few minutes to complete.

The wireless camera isn't completely wireless – you’ll need to plug in its AC adapter – but the portable monitor includes a belt clip and rechargeable battery as well as a docking station for charging.

Lorex products can be purchased direct from their web site and can be shipped anywhere in the US.  

Comment by hassane iherkouchne, posted 10/8/2012, 1:16 PM:

hi me and my wife got a baby monitor as a gift on our baby shower and we wanna know if we can link it to my i phone 4s . the device is LOREX LW2002 SERIES THANX
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