Getting Answers for Those Hard-to-Ask Questions

By Sarah Klein

We all know that the Internet is a great place to be anonymous. Sometimes that can be a little scary, as predators, hackers and identity thieves use that anonymity as cover for their crimes. But that same anonymity also makes the Internet the perfect place to store and log intimate secrets, explore interests you’re not ready to share with others, and find answers to some of those hard-to-ask questions!

Take the issue of women’s sexual health. As moms, it’s important for us to stay up-to-date on sexual-health issues, both for ourselves and our daughters. A recent survey commissioned by the National Women’s Health Resource Center (NWHRC) found that 70 percent of American women have had some sort of sexual health problem, and 22 percent felt very or extremely concerned about it. Many of those concerns can be laid to rest simply by finding out a few facts, and the Internet hosts some of the best resources for accessing and understanding such critical information.

Check out old favorites like Planned Parenthood and Our Bodies Ourselves, as well as a few more of our recommended sexual health web sites:  

  • Factual information – The NWHRC’s Sexual Health Center has answers to all your practical questions, from how to talk to your doctor about sex-related issues, to breastfeeding videos for new moms, to how to rekindle the intimacy flame after a diagnosis with a life-changing disease.
  • Menstrual management – Along with numerous other online calendars, the web can also help you keep track of your menstrual cycle and symptoms. Registering for MonthlyInfo’s free service is easy, just as it is to use the tool. All you have to do is record when your period starts each month, and the site generates predictions and stats about your cycle. You can even program email reminders for the predicted start date of your next period or ovulation and chart your periods on calendars and graphs.
  • Sex talk – For all the questions you always wanted to ask but never had the courage, check out CherryTV. Here, you can find articles and female-friendly videos from sex experts and ordinary women, giving advice, answering questions, and openly and confidently talking about their sex lives.
  • The maturing woman - With hot flashes and mood swings come new questions and concerns. Power Surge, a website dedicated to creating “a warm and caring community for women in menopause,” has the answers, including expert advice from doctors, survival tips from other women, and live chats.

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