Windows 7 is here!

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer chats with Kylie from the Windows 7 ad campaign at Thursday’s launch party in New York City.

The Online Mom was in Lower Manhattan on Thursday attending the launch party for Windows 7, Microsoft's much-anticipated new operating system.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and the Windows team eagerly demonstrated some of the many features of Windows 7, which they hope will herald a new era of success for the PC. This follows several downbeat years after the poor reception for Vista, Microsoft's last attempt at a major Windows overhaul.

To head off any comparisons with Vista, which many believe was delivered without sufficient customer input or testing, Ballmer made much of the fact that Windows 7 was developed and fine-tuned in consultation with 50,000 partners and 8 million customers. The Windows 7 marketing campaign drives home the same message, with a variety of satisfied consumers declaring: "I'm a PC…and Windows 7 is my idea".

Most of the demonstrations on Thursday centered around the ability of Windows 7 to organize and deliver various types of media. There were flawless displays of how Windows 7 can turn even modest PCs into entertainment hubs, seamlessly distributing movies, TV shows, photos and music to a variety of enabled devices.

The battle for our living room has yet to be won but it looks like Microsoft is not prepared to cede any more ground to Apple or any of the other potential media managers.

The cooperation (and relief?) of the hardware manufacturers was clearly evident, as a variety of state-of-the-art netbooks, laptops and desktops were showcased. Touch screen displays were everywhere, and the difference between the PC and the TV was further obscured with the introduction of gorgeous computer screens from Toshiba and HP that would grace any living space.

The Online Mom will be featuring a number of articles in the next couple of weeks that will take a detailed look at the benefits of Windows 7 and help you decide whether you should buy a new PC, upgrade your existing system, or take a look at the alternatives.

If you have specific questions regarding Windows 7 or any other concerns about your current computer set-up, let us know. We will be happy to help!       

Comment by Gabriel Perdomo, posted 10/24/2009, 9:54 PM:

Two months ago I bought a Mini PC with XP system. I'd like to switch to Windows 7. How can I do it?. Is there any discount price? I know in Colombia the substitution is done for free, for PC bought after June 2009.. How is in the USA? Your aswer will be greatly appreciate it. Thanks!.
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