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Today's children are exposed to a dizzying array of technology platforms and services that present endless possibilities...and more than a few problems. How do parents keep up with all the technology that is now second nature to their kids? How can parents make informed decisions about how their kids spend their time online and which tech devices and internet sites are appropriate? How can parents give their kids guidelines that should apply both inside and outside the home? Above all, how can parents keep their kids safe - protecting them from online dangers, whether it's cyberbullying, online predators, pornography or ID theft?

Founded by parents with extensive technology backgrounds, The Online Mom is an organization and web site devoted to providing the knowledge, the advice, and the tools that will help all parents protect their kids and encourage responsible behavior as they make the most of the new digital world.

Whether it's understanding social networking, photo sharing, texting, YouTube or just finding the right video games, The Online Mom has the explanations, the advice and the recommendations you have been looking for.

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